Happy “Howl at the Moon Day and Night” Day!?

howl-at-the-moon-dayLast week I ran across this calendar website and my first thought was it’s helpful, which it is…but THEN I found the Fun, Wacky & Trivial Holidays page (Enter delightful distraction!)

In addition to today’s “Howl at the Moon Day and Night” day, I found holidays, like……last week we missed “International Sloth Day”—I could have used that! Or the upcoming “Tongue Twister Day” on November 8th. Perhaps any client that calls on that day to challenge me with a tongue twister, I’ll follow-up and send them a dozen vanilla cupcakes on November 10th, which, of course, is “Vanilla Cupcake Day”.  🙂  Fun! Imagine the possibilities…

Happy browsing—I hope you find some fun as well.

More soon…


P.S. I also found the “On This Day in History” calendar, which is super interesting as well.

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