Denise Lee Yohn: Parallel Universes – Branding & Sales

Great brands start inside.

Great salespeople sell inside first.

During Denise Lee Yohn’s collaboration with brands, big and small, she’s being asked over and over about the changing world of sales. Based on this, she’s created a brand new (no pun intended 🙂 ) program that talks sales.

“Just as great brands start brand-building by cultivating a strong brand-led culture inside their organizations, great salespeople know the first step to sales success is actually one taken inside their own franchise system. They contribute tremendous value to their franchises through their market insights and direct communication channel with customers—they help their companies with product development, marketing strategy, and customer service by serving as the Voice of the Customer internally.”

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In Denise’s dynamic presentations, she weaves in stories—compelling stories—which bring her concepts to life while delivering business-changing, actionable tools.

She believes that the best salespeople (whether franchisees or front line employees) DO succeed in this changing business environment. They operate as brand evangelists—and she explains how and why. Check out her talking points:

  1. DLYohn Headshot Portrait Super CompressedGreat brands avoid selling products. Great salespeople cultivate emotional connections with customers.
  2. Great brands ignore trends. Great salespeople don’t imitate, they innovate. They present a differentiated sales experience by challenging customers’ status quo and teaching them something new and valuable.
  3. Great brands don’t chase customers. Great salespeople attract the best customers for their company.
  4. Great brands sweat the small stuff. Great salespeople know that they can strengthen their brand if they interpret and reinforce it and its differentiating value throughout the sales experience.
  5. Great brands never have to “give back.” They create a positive social impact in the way they design and run their franchise organization. Great sales people know improving a customer’s condition may not always involve a sale and they do it nonetheless.
  6. Great brands commit and stay committed. Great salespeople impart the unique value of their brand.

Of course, all Denise’s programs are customized after she dives into your franchise brand, culture, lifecycle, strengths and opportunities. Her message to a franchisee audience is uniquely targeted, including the tactical takeaways.

If you’d like to know more about Denise, let’s talk. Her keynote fees begin at $12,500 and she travels from San Diego, CA.

More soon…


P.S. If you didn’t watch Denise’s video, I encourage you to do so. Her stage presence, passion and extensive brand experience and knowledge could make her a dynamo at your next event.

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