Interested in honing your own Presentation Skills? Check out “The Speaking Intensive”!

Have you had the urge to hone your professional presentation skills and learn how to more effectively get your message, knowledge, and passion across to any size audience?   

Or have you thought about helping your leadership team, directors, managers and business consultants prepare to communicate more authentically and effectively with your franchisees at annual franchise conventions or regional roadshows? 

If you responded ‘yes’, to either of these questions, we have found the perfect solution for you – Alan Parisse’s Speaking Intensive

I recently decided to hone my own professional presentation skills and enrolled in Alan’s innovative program and was I ever impressed with both the process and the results. 

Alan promised to broaden our range as presenters and through his unique coaching approach and ‘secret sauce’ gleaned from 30 plus years as a professional speaker, I can attest that each of the 7 participants grew by leaps and bounds in two short days. 

“Audiences crave authenticity.  Real people delivering substantive messages that resonate.  That’s what changes minds and creates action.” – Alan Parisse 

Real People, Real Messages, Real Results. 

Designed specifically for business professionals interested in getting themselves across more fully to any size audience with authenticity, humor and heart, The Speaking Intensive is a jam-packed two-day program offered as a public program in Denver, CO or as a custom, program that can be delivered on-site to an organization’s leadership and management teams. 

Here’s a short interview with Alan talking about his remarkable program and what makes it so unique.



The next Speaking Intensive is around the corner and if you are interested in honing your presentation skills at any level, I encourage you not to miss the last opportunity in 2014 to work with Alan and his talented co-coach, Lisa Casden. 

November 6 & 7, 2014
Denver, CO

And if your system is going through a large change initiative, consider Alan’s franchise specific program “Get your Story Straight!”.  This program is designed to help franchisor leadership teams convey their message with the polish and nuances needed to enroll the entire system – right down to the front-line staff. 



In this program, Alan will teach each member of the franchise leadership team how to convey the same message, with consistency and in their own voice.  Powerful stuff!

More soon…


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