Kelly McDonald, Scott Greenberg: First Independent Waxing the City Franchise Conference

Recently, Waxing The City held its first independent franchise conference.  It was a particularly special event, as it coincided with several monumental milestones for their brand. Not to mention the brand had not been together in-person since 2019. 

The conference needed to hit a home run, and it did exactly that!!

Finding and selecting a speaker for your franchise convention who will create a meaningful, valuable, and FANTASTIC experience for your franchisees can be difficult, yet SO critical. Franchise Speakers is thrilled to have had the opportunity to help the Waxing The City team match the perfect franchise speakers for this event. 

Check out these rave reviews for keynote speakers Kelly McDonald and Scott Greenberg.

Wow! Just Wow!!

From my perspective, Kelly McDonald nailed it!  Her presentation was on point and is very much in harmony with the rest of our conference content.  Her message seems to be resonating with our attendees, regardless of their role within our franchise system.  She brought great energy, and I am currently getting positive feedback from several people in conversation.  Having her with us was a driver for this event!

—Nick Herrild
Waxing the City – Self Esteem Brands

Kelly McDonald was phenomenal and a huge hit with our audience. Her message was applicable to all attendees, was easy to follow, gave great tips / action that could be immediately applied, and she was just downright fun!

—Emily Moore
Waxing the City – Self Esteem Brands

Scott Greenberg was fantastic!  His book was incredibly impactful, and I have had multiple franchisees tell me it was the best thing they could have read to help them get into the best mindset to drive their businesses forward.  His presentation totally landed the message, and I know our teams are going to have many key takeaways from our time today.  Great content to kick off our second day!

—Nick Herrild
Waxing the City – Self Esteem Brands

Scott Greenberg was…. Incredible. I got the opportunity to connect with him during some of the social events and was really impressed with his humility and willingness to connect and be vulnerable. He mentioned he had some stuff going on in his personal life, yet he prioritized mingling at the event with attendees and felt incredibly present when he absolutely didn’t have to be. His presentation was relatable, yet challenged our attendees. He was funny and charismatic, and his content was so relevant for where we’re at as a brand.

—Emily Moore
Waxing the City – Self Esteem Brands

Interested in learning more about these amazing speakers?

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We know the franchise world – it’s all we do and we’d love to help!

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