Sales Productivity Tip from Laura Stack

This week’s tip is from another one of our fabulous female speakers, Laura Stack. (In case you hadn’t heard, it’s the ‘Month of Women’ here at SPEAK!)

Laura-Stack-White-28-half-shot-no-smile_299x450pxLaura Stack, known as “The Productivity Pro”, speaks and coaches about efficiency, profitability, and productivity. How can you (or your franchisees or their managers) plan and schedule to allow maximum time for revenue-generating tasks, while dealing with staffing, balance family/life, constant interruptions, providing exceptional customer service AND look for ways to improve your business?

Here is a quick tip from Laura about sales productivity—The Workflow Race Track

Of course, this is only the “tip” of the iceberg. 🙂  Laura has a TONS of valuable information—in fact, she helps keep the SPEAK! team focused and running smoothly!

More soon…


P.S. Check out this efficiency tip from Laura, “If someone is capable of performing a task 80% as well as you can, delegate it to them. We often have the misperception that only we can do a task perfectly. Delegate tasks that others could do efficiently at a lower cost to the company. Give clear instructions, issue a deadline, and follow up.”

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