SPEAK!’s Top Twelve Most Requested Keynote Topics

Would it be helpful to see a list of popular franchise keynote topics for help in your 2018 event planning? Well, we created our SPEAK!’s Top Twelve Most Requested Keynote Topics, for just that purpose!

And we’re currently in the process of gathering 2017 information as well and will update it at year’s end. So far, we’re seeing even more conversation on culture—as it relates to customer experience, employee recruiting and retention, sales, leadership, team-building, branding and more.

Do your 2018 learning objectives dovetail with one of the Top Twelve Topics? Whether or not, SPEAK! will find a fabulous franchise savvy speaker match for your franchise culture, event objectives, budget AND remember, we’ll never send you a diva! 😊

I’m excited about connecting with each one of you to listen to your event plans and speaker needs—and then find the perfect speaker match. It’s our very favorite thing to do over here! Debbie or I will be reaching out to you individually soon—or call me—I LOVE a surprise call from a new or old franchising friend to snap me into action. Let’s talk soon!

More soon…


P.S. SPEAK! also has a Forty Most Requested Breakout Topics, for your use. Many of our clients have mentioned it’s great for brainstorming workshop content and scheduling.

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