To Pre-Record, or Not To Pre-Record – That is the Question

The spectrum of possibilities has expanded with hybrid event technology this past year. Now the question becomes – when is it best to pre-record your speakers, and when is it best to present live? The answer can be deceptively simple – Pre-recorded sessions are lower risk because you have more control of the content, and if the connection fails, you’ll have a backup! Plus, you can easily share your pre-recorded sessions with attendees post-event. Pre-recording can come with a higher fee because of the additional time and production expense on the part of your speakers.

On the other hand, live sessions allow for greater audience interaction and engagement throughout the session, keeping your audience immersed in the experience, whether they are in the room or logging in. A talented virtual presenter will effectively leverage technology to incorporate a variety of interactive tools. And in most cases, the presenter will allow you to record and archive the session on a password protected site for attendees who couldn’t attend live.

And the third option? Some call this ‘simulated live’ which made me laugh the first time I heard it. Is it simulated or is it live? This option means that the bulk of the presentation is pre-recorded and the presenter then is logged on to answer questions or be part of a panel discussion or fireside chat live.

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