What Franchises Can Learn from the Mouse with Dennis Snow

Who knew you could learn so much from a mouse?! Dennis Snow, CSP, spent 20+ years working his way up the Disney Organization’s ladder before becoming the trainer, consultant and much sought-after speaker he is today. Dennis has a passion for sharing his Disney experiences with franchises to help them achieve their franchise goals. He shares his insider view and talks about the mouse, the castle and if you’re lucky, Goofy, to help your franchisees bring Disney’s magic into their day to day interactions and operations.

As Dennis says, “little wows make a difference”, and he has the many examples to prove it – but even better than that, he can help your franchise team see what ‘little wows’ can be instituted to deliver a huge WOW! for customers! Dennis’ message of customer experience excellence addresses teams, leadership and creating a culture which puts the customer at the top of your franchise organization. His fees start at $15,000 and he travels from….of course, Orlando!

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P.S. Here’s Dennis’ latest video blog which describes an exercise he often uses in his workshops to identify customer experience opportunities.

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