Why Event Partners Can Actually Save You Real $$$

Why event partners can actually save you real $$$

Inevitably, when franchise systems reach a certain size, annual conventions become too consuming to handle internally. It is time to find a partner to help plan and produce this critically important event.

You should always consider the benefits an event partner can bring to the table!

It can feel like quite the investment when choosing an event partner, especially at first. Many franchises, however, have told us that working with event partners has helped them save BIG dollars.

Some benefits were:

  • Expertly negotiating venue contracts
  • Managing room blocks and attrition
  • Efficiently handling costly food and beverages
  • Creatively optimizing meeting spaces

Apart from these and other obvious benefits, an event partner brings creative input to the table. By working together, both parties can create a strong combination unlike any other. If done well, this partnership can lead to a unique and more memorable event that participants will talk about and use for the coming days and months.

One of the best advantages of having an event partner may be the time they can save you. Most franchisors agree that having an event partner makes more time available to their internal team. Recovering valuable time allows your team to handle their primary roles and responsibilities – engaging meaningfully with your franchisees!

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