Where Are You in the 2018 Event Planning Process?

For the vast majority of our franchisor friends, 2018 convention planning is in the works. Perhaps the planning feels methodical, in control and exciting—but maybe the many details are looming in the background, creating a feeling that a frantic pace may be just around the corner.

Being a part of franchise event planning for several years now AND working with many fantastic event planners, we felt compelled (because we’re just wired that way 😊) to create SPEAK!’s Franchise Convention Planning Checklist & Timeline, to support those within the franchise management team who are tasked with the mighty job of event planning. I’m certain you all have an organizing system of your own in place, but perhaps ours can be a helpful supplement and create some additional peace of mind that only comes with a detailed checklist. 😊

More soon…


P.S. If you’ll be at IFA in February, let’s set up a time to meet, whether to talk speakers or just to connect face to face for a few moments!

Franchise Convention Planning Checklist & Timeline

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