Denise Lee Yohn: Fusion of Brand & Culture – NEW book!

After over 25 years of franchise and big brand experience, dynamic keynote speaker, Denise Lee Yohn, continues to research, evaluate and communicate about the inner workings of great brands. Her NEW book (coming March 2018) entitled, FUSION: How Integrating Brand and Culture Powers the World’s Greatest Companies, addresses a topic we hear franchisors talking about more and more—culture. Here’s a quote from Denise’s book…

“When a company’s internal culture and external brand identity are interdependent and mutually-reinforcing, the outcome is consistently phenomenal results.
Like the large amount of energy that is released when two atomic nuclei are fused together, brand-culture fusion increases your competitive advantage and enables your organization to grow and thrive.”

Based on her new book, Denise has created two new programs.

THE FUSION FORMULA: Brand + Culture + Results

Forget everything you think you know about workplace culture! You don’t need perks and parties. You need engaged employees who produce the right results and help you build a great brand.

Denise shows you how to infuse your culture with your core brand values and align your people with your unique brand identity, so you produce a healthy organization and a valuable brand. She shares the secrets behind the world’s greatest organizations and lays out the leadership playbook for achieving the brand-culture fusion you need to power your performance and future-proof your business.

Ignite Experience: Fuse CX & EX to Drive Your Growth

Customer experience is the new competitive battlefield where customer loyalty is won or lost. And among employees, the war for talent is intensifying. How do you win on both fronts? Denise shows you how to align and integrate your employee and customer experiences—and unleash their combined power to fuel your growth.

Learn how to design and deliver employee experiences that fully engage your people and translate into customer experience excellence. Denise lays out the complete game plan you need to win the hearts and minds of customers and the entire franchise team.

Headshot of Denise Lee Yohn, Brand Expert & Franchise Keynote Speaker

Could Denise rock your convention with her unifying message? If you’re intrigued, let’s talk. Her fees start at $15,000 and she travels from San Francisco.

More soon…


P.S. Here’s the link if you’d like to pre-order Denise’s new book (March 2018 release), FUSION: How Integrating Brand and Culture Powers the World’s Greatest Companies. Or let me know of your interest and we’ll make sure you receive a copy!

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