Evan Hackel: Building Teams, Energy, Excitement & Collaboration!

“What would happen to your franchise business if you could get everyone in the system engaged, involved and open to growth and change?”

Evan Hackel is founder of Ingage Consulting, which focuses on franchisee performance by improving franchise system relationships. He is a talented, engaging and dynamic, expert facilitator who pulls the collective knowledge from the entire room and synthesizes it for the group with ingaging processes that enroll the entire group—and give them personal understanding and ownership of actionable tools, principles, ideas and techniques that will help them transform their business.

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Evan brings an unmatched passion for ingagement and the kind of success that can only be achieved when every person is working together for the common good. His presentations are a mix of powerful storytelling, interactive activities and information that inspires and reenergizes audience members.

Evan Hackel Headshot 2016Evan is a powerful catalyst who could help your franchise:

  • Build a much stronger team.
  • Create a positive culture.
  • Develop a shared vision.
  • Energize your organization for growth.
  • Produce greater end results.
  • Have greater openness to change.

If your organization needs to make a strategic change or reenergize its culture to be successful, Evan can craft a keynote to specifically help your organization achieve your goals. Consider combining a keynote with a deeper dive breakout session for an exceptional experience and value. I’d love to talk about the potential for Evan to accomplish your goals at your next event. His fees start at $10,000 and he travels from Boston.

More soon….


P.S. One of Evan’s most popular keynotes is, “Attitude Is A Multiplier” and the live demonstration within it is memorable and eye-opening.

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