Lisa McLeod: Stop Focusing On Money!

“Organizations that have a declarative noble purpose, that make improving the lives of their customers the centerpiece of their strategies, out-perform organizations that have a profit focused purpose.”

During her edge-of-the-seat, heart-felt keynote, Lisa describes the “aha” moment when she made this realization—and the research that followed. Research that concludes, in fact, sales people with a noble purpose out-perform the market by 385%!

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Lisa poses questions like:

  • What do you think about when you’re in a sales situation?
  • Or when making a key franchise decision?
  • Or when your team is looking for answers?

Finding a higher purpose (which by the way, doesn’t need to be the same for everyone) emotionally engages the team and creates:

lmheadshotPassionate senior franchise leaders

Passionate operations people

Passionate franchisees

Passionate employees  

AND therefore,

Passionate customers

It’s a game changer to the growth of the franchise organization, team and individually as well.

Lisa also speaks on leadership—leading with noble purpose is contagious. She’s a thought-leader, best-selling author, executive advisor and keynote speaker. Her speaking fees start at $15,000 and she travels from Atlanta. I’d love to talk about Lisa creating a transformative experience at your next franchise event.

More soon…


P.S. Lisa says, “Purpose gives you a filter on what is important versus not.” (I just wrote down my noble purpose and posted it on my office wall…front and center. 🙂 )


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