“Somebody to Love”

Let’s create the setting…
(Debbie and Katrina are talking about writing the blog post for this week.)

Debbie: “It’s Valentine’s week, we should be focused on LOVE, right?”

Katrina: “I’d LOVE to talk about Dogs Playing For Life. I LOVE what they do to help shelters help their dogs find a forever home and somebody to LOVE (and vice versa!)

Debbie: (Song pops into her head….Queen’s “Somebody to Love”) Great idea, Katrina. Ok if I write it? I feel inspired.

Katrina: Go for it!

After our holiday feature, so many of you have expressed interest and support for Dogs Playing For Life—we even received several heart-warming adoption stories. But in case you missed it, Dogs Playing for Life (DPFL) was founded on the principle that a dog’s natural instinct is to PLAY. By teaching shelters how to implement ‘playgroups’ – a process that safely allows shelter dogs out to play. The DPFL team is helping shelters across North America (over 200 shelters are on board now) create a more humane environment that allows for happier, healthier, more readily adoptable dogs. Check out the results!

If you’re smiling as big as I am right now and want to connect with what DPFL is doing, they would be honored to hear from you. And of course, we always LOVE hearing stories and receiving pics of your furry children. Send them on over.

More soon…

Debbie & Katrina

P.S. And if you’re like me, maybe a side journey back in time with Queen’s “Somebody to Love” sounds inspiring. 😊 Have a Valentine’s Day full of love.


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