Franchise Business Review: The Missing Piece of Your Corporate Culture

We just ran across this thought-provoking article from Franchise Business Review, entitled, The Missing Piece of Your Corporate Culture. Without giving it away, 😊 here’s a quote included in the article, from the Harvard Business Review about the role of emotions in culture:

“Countless empirical studies show the significant impact of emotions on how people perform on tasks, how engaged and creative they are, how committed they are to their organizations, and how they make decisions. Positive emotions are consistently associated with better performance, quality, and customer service—this holds true across roles and industries and at various organizational levels.”

Read more from Franchise Business Review’s article, on how to evaluate and address change in your emotional culture, including specific survey questions to assess where your franchise system stands.

More soon…


P.S. If culture is a topic you’d like addressed at your next franchise convention, we have several speakers that absolutely rock this topic, in both an inspirational (emotional) and tactical (cognitive) way. Let’s talk.

Franchise Business Review: The Missing Piece of Your Corporate Culture

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