This Speaker Lives & Breathes Franchising

To say Evan Hackel lives and breathes franchising may be an understatement. Evan has helped to launch and found numerous franchise businesses and worked with and for many more. Plus, he is a CFE, a member of the IFA’s franchise relationship committee, co-chairman of the IFA Knowledge Share committee, and a board member of the New England Franchise Association. So, if you want someone who knows franchising, Evan could be your guy!

Evan also lives and breathes “ingagement” (the ‘i’ stands for involvement!). And full-on ingagement is what you get when you hire Evan as your franchise event or convention presenter. His audiences are deeply involved in the learning process through interactive, dynamic, and energizing, experiential exercises, as well as meaningful, tried-and-true business tools, insights, and practices. Evan doesn’t just talk about ingagement, he brings it alive for any audience.

Evan Hackel, Franchise Business Keynote Speaker

Evan Hackel is one of the most sought-after speakers when it comes to driving cooperation, commitment, passion, and loyalty among franchisees.

Let’s talk if you’d like to know more about how Evan could be a difference-maker at your next event.

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P.S. If you want to see Evan and Ingagement in action, join him at OPS – Franchise Operations Performance Summit Dec 5-7 in San Diego. It’s a unique and effective conference created for high-level franchise operations professionals. Evan and his team have provided a special offer for this event just for SPEAK! Attendees: Use the Special code “SPEAK” under the discount code section at checkout and you’ll receive $600 off the registration price. For more information on OPS, visit Attendance is limited so register ASAP. Oh! And attendees receive 75 CFE Participation Credits.

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