Have you jumped on a Women’s Franchise Committee (WFC) Clubhouse call yet?

Have you jumped on a Women’s Franchise Committee (WFC) Clubhouse call yet? 

If not, you are missing some provocative, inspiring, informative, and FUN franchise discussions.  

Held every Wednesday at 12:00 ET on Clubhouse, our fellow franchise friends, industry leaders and outside experts lead discussions on a wide array of topics. 

From assimilating culture in acquired brands,
to hot young franchise leaders to watch,
to succession planning, to leadership, to …
well, you get the idea.  Nothing is off limits!

Please join us and spread the word in your organization.  

Here’s how to get engaged: 

    1. WFC LinkedIn Page offers all the updates for what’s coming up. Follow this page and check in frequently for what’s coming up in all the WFN (Women’s Franchise Networks) chapters, on our WFC Clubhouse calls, and “Her Success”  podcasts
    2. Join the Club on Clubhouse! Download the Clubhouse app on your phone or iPad and search for “Women In Franchising” Once there, join, share and invite all your franchise friends.  You’ll also find replays of past discussions.  It’s a fountain of meaningful info!
    3. Next week, Wednesday, June 8th @ 12:00 ET we’ll be talking about Building A Local Community with WFN Chair, Megan CenterCan’t wait!

This call is so worth the time investment.  Promise! 

Questions about how to join, Clubhouse etiquette, or anything else?
Give me a call – 303-669-9905  – I’m happy to help!

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