Helping A Friend Help A Friend! Vote for Jennifer Lee Zawadzki

Helping A Friend Help A Friend!

Vote for Jennifer Lee Zawadzki for the 2022 RevolutionHER Awards!

Meeting so many amazing women in my 20 years in franchising has been the greatest gift of all. Helping each other succeed has been a joy and a privilege along the way. 

One of those amazing women, Jennifer Lee Zawadzki, has left franchising to pursue her passion and launch The Future You Project. Jen has been nominated for 2022 RevolutionHER Awards. This award recognizes North America’s most inspiring, creative, and successful leaders, entrepreneurs, and youth, from coast to coast. 

We are THRILLED to announce that out of 1500 applicants, our friend, Jen, has been chosen as one of the remaining 200 applicants that have made it to the next stage of the 2022 RevolutionHER Awards contest.

This week, public voting is open and you can vote once daily, for this week only.

When one person’s success is celebrated, we are all celebrated…



Learn more about Jennifer Lee Zawadzki and her company, Future You Project here

Follow Jen on Instagram and Facebook at: @jenniferleezawadzki

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