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Everything here is offered freely. 

At Franchise Speakers, in collaboration with our valued speaker partners, we believe it’s time to offer whatever help we can. 

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Please utilize the ideas and clips in whatever way is helpful–circulate among your leadership teams, your staff, your franchisees or send it system-wide.

Tips & Strategies To:

  1. To help franchisors keep their system healthy and lead and support internal teams.
  2. To give to franchisors to share with their franchisees. Ideas and tips that can be applied at the unit level.
  3. To give franchisees tools to share with their own front-line teams NOW.

Ford Saeks is offering “Here to Help!” Virtual Presentations for Franchise Brands at no-charge during this COVID-19 Crisis.  Most requested topics:

  • How to Be Prepared to Increase Sales with Your City Reopens
  • How to Stay Top-of-Mind and Engage Your Customers Right Now!
  • Superpower Success! Thrive Right Now!
  • Best Practices for Managing Your Remote Teams through Virtual Meetings

All of Ford’s presentations are tailored to YOUR specific brand and outcomes.  Watch the Short Video To Your Left.


This section is designed to support both franchisors and franchisees with leadership strategies and tactics as the landscape around us evolves moment by moment. The goal is to help leaders in all capacities lead their teams, and themselves, through the sometimes overwhelming challenges of lightning fast change to a rebirth of our businesses. 

Focus, Optimism, Energy, Vision and Clear Communication are the recurring themes from our experts.


A critical component of any success journey is fostering a positive mindset.  This section is a collection of tools, tips and techniques to help us all focus on what we CAN influence, how we want to re-tool our lives, both personally and professionally and how we can plan to emerge from our global experience moving toward the business we want, the relationships we want and the health we want.

Mindfulness, Self-Care, Self- Compassion, Empathy, Active Listening, Connection and Gratitude are the recurring themes from our experts.


Experts are urging us to, “GET CLOSE TO OUR NUMBERS!”  This section will offer advice, links, tools and virtual learning platforms to help small business owners create cash flow scenarios and projections to hit the ground running when we move into the next evolution of our businesses.

Financial literacy, rolling cash flows projections, sources of aid and support are listed here.


Visionaries will find the Opportunity In the Obstacle through this experience. One thing for sure, we will likely not go ‘back’ to how our businesses were run before. We will move ahead and take key elements forward with us, improve, innovation, collaborate and create. Already so many ‘silver linings’ are being shared.

Innovation, Change, Progress, Collaboration & Creativity are key takeaways here.


Physical Distancing drives the need for deep and meaningful Social Connection.  How do we stay in touch with a workforce who is suddenly working from home?   How do we communicate with franchisees in a meaningful way to: reassure, share our plans for support and help them lead their own teams – all virtually!

How To’s on working from home, using Virtual Meeting tools, productivity and staying in touch with customers in heartfelt and appropriate ways are her.  And yes, sale tools for today’s environment are also listed here.


Learning from each other is what the franchise community is all about.  In this section, we are posting great ideas, success stories and vulnerable stories of ‘fails’ from the franchise world. What’s working and what’s not working from both franchisors and franchisees as we all navigate these uncharted waters.

Please send your ideas, tips and anecdotes to share with the community.

Heartwarmer: A Poolwerx franchisee called all his customers to see if they needed anything delivered from the store when their pool service tech came to the home to service the pool. Now that’s service!


Questions for our huge array of business experts on ANY THING! Need something? Just ask, we’ll get you the answer!


Each morning the Franchise Speakers Team puts our attention on what is going right, what we are grateful for and what heartwarming moments and positive experiences are shining through this unique experience for all of us, both personally and professionally.  We want to share the good things that are happening all around us as well.  Please send any of your own “Little Blessings and we’ll post them here.  As Debbie said, I am paying attention to all the “Little Blessings” that are being presented.

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